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Tips for Creating Tile Designs

Tile Design Tile designs are easy to create when you use some imagination. Tiles are available in an incredible range of sizes, shapes and colors, allowing you to create a custom design in your bathroom, kitchen or patio.

Whether you are combining different tiles on the fireplace surround or in a bay window, here are some ideas to help you create a design that is smooth, attractive and professional.

Tile Thickness

Not all tiles have the same profile. When shopping for the tiles you will combine, be sure to look at the profile to be sure they match. A tile that is one-quarter inch thick won’t look right nestled alongside a tile that is one-half inch thick.

Rubbing Stones

You will have to cut the tiles, and the edges left behind can be sharp. Don’t rely on grout to cover those sharp edges. Invest in a rubbing stone and smooth the edges after they are cut. This is especially important with natural stones of any kind.

Choosing tiles with similar profiles and using rubbing stones will ensure that your finished project is smooth and attractive. Create amazing tile designs by combining border pieces and other design elements. You will love the unique look you create, and you will love how smooth everything looks and feels.

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