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Unique Ways to Use Slate Tiles Throughout Your Home

Slate TileHave you ever seen tile flooring or backsplashes in one of those home magazines and wonder if your home can look that beautiful? You can design a home that will look expensive for little of nothing with slate tiles.

Unique Ideas

There are a lot of unique ways to use slate tiles throughout your home. You can use them to frame your outside or inside doorway. You can use them to panel your basement wall instead of using the typical white finish. You can use them on the deck leading to an outside hot tub. However you use them, slate tiles are a modern way to update any home.

Slate Tile Design

With some ingenuity you can create beautiful designs with slate tiles. First, find two or three different designs with the same color scheme. Then match each tile as if you were putting together pieces of a puzzle. Now you have your own unique slate tile design for your d├ęcor.

Slate tiles are the best way to add a modern touch to any home. Whether you are trying something new or finding new ways to update your home slate tiles will bring out the best in your home.

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