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Luxurious Tile Floors

Tile floors have evolved from beautiful to luxurious. Whether you are remodeling your existing home or building from the ground up, including tile flooring in the design will not only add style and eye appeal, it will bestow more value on your home.

Ceramic, Glass and Porcelain

Tile is produced from a variety of materials, each of them suitable for every room, though some are more suited to specific rooms. Ceramic tiles, for instance, can be used throughout your home but is especially useful in kitchens and bathrooms because they are water and oil resistant. Glass tiles and glass mosaic tiles are reflective and are interesting details when incorporated into geometric designs of ceramic tiles and other tile materials.

Porcelain tiles are also widely used in kitchens and bathrooms. These floor tiles are denser than ceramic tiles and are more durable and longer lasting. They are also the more maintenance free due to their density.

Other Tile Materials

Granite, travertine and marble are not only luxurious they are durable natural stone tiles that will last indefinitely. Involving these materials in the design of your home will display a sense of enduring style. Properly finished, these tile floors can be the focal point of any room in the house.

While planning how you will floor your home with tile, why not include tile on your walls and backsplash in the kitchen. There is no set rule that tile should be used only on floors and no rule that only certain rooms should be tiled. Tile is gorgeous in any room.

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